Warschauer Burke

The QuickFit Starter Bar Holder was a product invented and developed by the Warschauer Burke Group for the Construction Industry. Vertical steel protruding from concrete was used widely throughout the world in the construction industry for providing support for additional structures that rest on cured concrete. A common method was to use props to hold the end starters in place, tie-wire a length of horizontal steel to the two ends and then tie-wire each bar into the correct position.

We found that this method often proved time consuming and costly, so we set out to develop a product that would achieve perfect alignment and spacing that could easily be used by non-trades people including professionals working in the building industry in Australia, unskilled labourers, as well as countries with a large untrained labour force.

When setting out to develop this new tool, the aim for the QuickFit Starter Bar Holder device was to fit most reinforcing steel sizes, not to impede the flow of concrete, and not to impede the structural integrity of the concrete. To be successful, the device had to exhibit sufficient structural strength in tandem with sufficient bending capabilities, to withstand the pressure of the concrete.

Q&A with Stuart Burke, Director of the Warschauer Burke Group

How has the process been over the 10 years from the original conception of an idea to where the The QuickFit Starter Bar Holder is today?

“Creating something from nothing is not that easy. Over the years I’ve pumped heaps of time and money into the project, at least getting some reimbursement back from the R&D Grant makes life a little bit easier.”

“I had read the materials and watched the DVD, but by simply talking to a professional specializing in R&D, my confusion over the process flipped to a state of clarity within an hour.”

How was the process for you and your Tax Agent to work with Connectiv Group?

“Connective Group was referred to us by mutual friends and it was like they came down from heaven! I’m a builder so I have a different mindset. They spoke my language and understood what we needed. They explained the whole R&D process and everything clicked.”

“Connectiv Group anWarschauer Burke Group’s accountants put everything together. The process was bloody easy. By the second time around I knew exactly what to do.”

What is in the pipeline for the future?

“We are taking The QuickFit Starter Bar Holder to market and we have more exciting ideas in the pipeline. Some of these projects will take at least 5-10 years to get off the ground.”