Symtac is a Melbourne based company that creates safety equipment and accessories, as well as software for building upkeep and compliance processes. Connectiv Group assisted with applying for the R&D Tax Incentive. Symtac Director Brendan Scully, found that it is common practice for the owners of public buildings, hotels, hospitals and golf courses to contract out to other companies or professionals for building inspections and maintenance reporting. This information is often recorded manually into logbooks and spread across multiple locations and can present a challenge to administrators trying to maintain up-to-date compliance of all buildings under their management.

Under the name Cirt Systems aimed to build software that would automate and assist with these complex administrative processes with a design interoperable with emergency and other contractor software systems. Accessible and easy-to-interpret visual and graphical information would be displayed in real time on a user’s computer or mobile device, allowing streamlined, paperless monitoring and reporting of all safety and maintenance tasks from the site directly to a database. Building administrators could more-effectively communicate with their contracted staff, schedule all maintenance tasks and even access historical information about a location.

Q&A with Brendan Scully, Director of Symtac:

What is it like to develop and commercialise your new software system?

“Cirt Systems is a revolutionary and adaptable software system, that from the beginning showed immense promise and benefit to the market. However, Brendan releasing a new product to the world has been a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs.”

“The difficulty has been not so much executing our great idea, but convincing people wary of change to make that leap to try something revolutionary and different to their old system of working. People are cautious, they get set in their ways. The first challenge is to have a product that is better, the second -get a customer! Get the template of commerce right. If you can get 1 customer, you will get 3, you will get 10 and so on.”

“Next keep your goals simple and achievable. Formulate one goal a step away, not 10 steps away. Nothing happens overnight.”

What has been your experience with ConnectivGroup and the R&D Tax Incentive?

For a time I invested my own money. Fortunately I was referred to ConnectivGroup by our lawyer. At that time it looked like we had to start all over again, it was so very difficult. I had let my guard down but came to realize it was it was just a bump in the road. Without the R&D grant, the project couldn’t have gone forward. “

“I really trusted Daniel, he spoke the truth and he came through for me. In business, with anything, never give up! “

Connective Group is looking forward to working with Brendan with the next phase of exporting Cirt Systems.

“We are now starting to release this product and once things start to swell we want to expand. We will definitely be seeking ConnectivGroup’s help for entering the Asian market.”