Parthenon Marble

Parthenon Marble is one of the largest Australian companies specializing in importation, manufacturing and distribution of marble, granite and natural stone. Parthenon Marble is a company renowned for its quality craftsmanship and was fast expanding a core list of clients. At the time, Director Panos Margaritis could foresee imminent challenges to meet future demand from architects, builders, interior designers and cabinetmakers.

In 2016 their accountants referred ConnectivGroup to assist with applying for a Local Industry Fund for Transition (LIFT) grant, with the goal of expanding Parthenon Marble’s production capacity with new CNC machinery.

The LIFT grant is part of the Victorian Government’s Towards Future Industries: Victoria’s Automotive Transition Plan, which aims to create sustainable jobs and economic development by investing in businesses located in Melbourne’s North, West, South East and Geelong Regions.

Connective Group worked with Parthenon Marble to assist with both the application and implementation of the grant. Daniel Weinstock gathered and reported information required under the LIFT program contract.

The successful awarding of the LIFT funding grant is enabling Parthenon Marble to successfully increase their capacity by purchasing machinery and introducing new workers from the automotive industry to their team across a 12-18 month period. Their original trade experience was highly relevant and successfully transferrable to the CNC machine-driven stonemasonry, and these personnel have been retrained as Stonemasons and skilled laborers for both factory based and onsite installation work.

Company capacity increased by 250% in a single shift, which allowed the company to secure tenders and contracts to outfit an entire apartment block, which they were unable to achive in the past.